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Earn commission through one of our many clients who are eager for good closers
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High Ticket Closing Job Offer

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Is This You?

Passion for sales
You love the art of selling and get a lot of energy from it.
High commission
Earn between €4,000 and €12,000 per month, depending on your performance.
EAGLE mindset
You stay focused on the goal, stay positive and challenge yourself to keep getting better.
Personal growth
In our team you are challenged to keep growing, personally and professionally.
Dedicated team
Surround yourself by people on the same mission: to become the best version of yourself.
Freedom in work
Work location independent or with a team.
High Ticket Closing Faris

What is a High Ticket Closer?

High ticket closing is the process of convincing a potential customer to buy an product or service. These products and services are usually expensive and require a significant investment from the customer, and as a result often require a more in-depth sales process to close the deal.
A high ticket closer is no ordinary salesperson. You are an expert, an advisor, a confidant. You build a relationship with your customer, you identify and address their needs, you deal with objections and overcome them to close the deal.

It's not just about closing a deal, it's also about providing value, building trust and understanding customer needs. It's about helping the customer make the right decision by understanding what their problems and challenges are, and how your product or service can help them solve them.
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About us has one mission: 
Reform the education system by creating the best online course the world has ever seen.
We started The Closer Company because I (Faris) received a lot of demand from people around me who also wanted to become a High Ticket Closer.

Now, we not only train people to learn the skill, but we also have clients who are eager for new closers.

That is the power of The Closer Company.
We already created over 200 closers and successfully placed them at clients. Are you next?
High Ticket Closing Faris
Remote closing Eagle
EAGLE mindset
One of the most important elements to become a successful High Ticket Closer is the right mindset.
At the Closer Academy we believe in the EAGLE mindset.
An EAGLE is a powerful predator that flies high in the sky, viewing everything from a high perspective. In the context of sales, it means that as a salesperson you need to look at things from a higher level and have an overview of the bigger picture, instead of getting stuck in details.

An EAGLE mindset means staying focused on the goal, staying positive and challenging yourself to keep getting better. It also means taking responsibility for your actions and results and not letting negative thoughts or circumstances hold you back.

Are you the right person?

**These are the requirements for the position.
Trackrecord in High Ticket Closing
Winner Mindset
You don't quit, and are always improving
Hard working
You are not finished, until the job is
You can easily adjust to the growth of The Closer Company
You want to become the best at everything you do

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