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Since 2015, we have already helped more than 200 students become a High Ticket Closer.
In recent years we have learned a lot about how to train real A-Player High Ticket Closers. 

The most important thing we learned, is the value of the mindset. This combined with theory and practice is how we ensure real A-Player High Ticket Closers with the Eagle mentality.
But it doesn't come easy...
We teach you everything you need to know to become a real A-Player in High Ticket Closing. A skill that will help you for the rest of your life. Whether it's about closing High Ticket deals, or getting a discount when buying a product.

But this is not easy, you will have to pay attention and apply everything we tell you. 

If applied everything, but you are still not getting succes with High Ticket Closing? 

We will refund the investment!
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Remote closing Eagle
Marc Gerard Friessen
"After working in sales for 21 years you come across an awful lot of closers, accountant managers and juniors. But Faris is a special case. The knowledge he transfers is of extreme value. Which results in success, more money and therefore more freedom and that's what I was looking for! Thanks Faris and Dave of course too!"
Marc-Gerad Driessen

High Ticket Closing Courses

High Ticket Closing Course


Discover the fundamentals of High Ticket Closing in the valuable modules. Get a better understanding of the high-income skill closing and see case studies of our students.
Fundamentals of High Ticket Closing
Modules of our strategy
Student case studies
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High Ticket Closing Course

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching in which we give our exclusive tips & tricks and answer all your questions.
Everything from the basic course +
Live coaching calls
Additional exclusive modules
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High Ticket Closing Course

1-on-1 Mentoring

Learn directly from our best closers and be assigned your own success coach who will ensure you master all the ins and outs of High Ticket Closing.
Everything from group coaching +
1-on-1 mentoring with your personal succescoach
Placement at our own agency
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Why Choose The Closer Company

Guarenteed Placement
200+ Students
5+ Years Experience

What our 200 closers say about us

"Faris heeft letterlijk mijn leven veranderd. Ik was begonnen met high ticket sales bij een van zijn concurrenten alleen die kwamen hun woord niet na. Faris daarentegen wel, hij heeft ervoor gezorgd door middel van zijn coaching ik na 2 maanden mijn eerste 13k+ factuur mocht versturen.''
USA The Closer Company
Dave Nimrod
"I'm definitely recommending TheCloserCompany. I started my challenge with no knowledge about High Ticket Closing and they taught me everything I needed. Now I've been working with HighTicketSales for months and I can work from anywhere around the globe."
The Closer Company
Josyna van der Heuvel
"It is always a risk to take someone at their word, but Faris and his team are worthy of trust. I had completed the 1 on 1 mentoring at Faris and this led to beautiful results!''
Jesper van der Hee
"Super course! Faris does not work with scripts and will look for what is best suits you. In my first week I immediately received a client and my first money
deserves. I now earn an average of 5 to 10k per month.
Umut Ghanzin
"After working in sales for 21 years you come across an awful lot of closers, accountant managers and juniors. But Faris is a special case. The knowledge he transfers is of extreme value. Which results in success, more money and therefore more freedom and that's what I was looking for! Thanks Faris and Dave of course too!"
Marc Gerard Friessen
Marc-Gerad Driessen
"I had a lot of stress while deciding which business model I wanted to do. Dropshipping, crypto or sales? I chose sales and this has completely changed my life. During my Bachelor Entrepreneurship I earn more than my teachers. Besides the fact that I earn good money, I also have a skill for the rest of my life. Thanks Faris!"
Beau Forman
Beau Forman
"6 months ago I started with a coach other than Faris. Here, however, I only learned the basics, while I came for expertise. I came across Faris's advertisement and it clicked immediately. Faris has me with a client within 14 days
placed, which resulted in invoices of at least over 5,000."
Giovanni Smitson
"I initially sent Faris a DM to ask if his course could also help me with my social media marketing agency. And yes haha it certainly could! I signed 5 more clients that same week. After 2 months I was fed up and I decided to continue as a high ticket closer. This worked out very well for me! I currently earn 2x more than with my own agency and without a product and/or service at all."
The Closer Company
Karim al Fahdi
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What is High Ticket Closing?

As a High Ticket Closer you start the conversation with warm leads (potential customers). You mainly ask questions and listen carefully to your lead. Then you apply The Closer Company's techniques to close your lead and earn a commission.

How much does a High Ticket Closer make?

A High Ticket Closer earns an average of between $ 4,000 and $ 20,000 per month. This depends on various factors, such as experience, skills, sector and the conversion rate that a Closer manages to achieve.

Do I need to start a real business to close?

No, as a closer you only need a Chamber of Commerce number. So you don't have to build a complete organization yourself.

Why is High Ticket sales better than dropshipping, Youtube Cashcow or anything else?

83% of self-made millionaires started out with a sales job. This is because you learn to earn money, as well as create a network around you.

Will I get a guarantee?

Sure! If you have applied everything and are you still not successful? You get your full investment refunded!

Is this location-independent?

As a closer you mainly work from Google Meet or Zoom calls. In that case you can certainly work location independent! Some of our closers physically work on location, but whether you do this is up to you.

Within how many days will I get results?

Almost all of our students achieve results within 40/60 days.
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