What is Remote Closing? As a remote closer you can enjoy a diverse and very well payed job. A job in which you can develop yourself constantly. Many remote closers work as a freelancer, meaning they are their own boss.

My name is Faris Ibrahim. After many years of working as a remote closer within my own company, The Closer Company, I decided to start sharing my knowledge with people eager to learn the skill. This is why I started the Closer Academy.

In this blog post I will tell you all about remote closing: what it is, how much you can earn and how you can learn the skill.

What is remote closing?

Remote closing is the process of convincing a potential customer to buy a product or service. These products and services are often quite expensive and require a substantial investment from the potential client. That is why the selling process is more in-depth to close the deal. Examples of products or services are:

As a remote closer, you are not just a regular salesman. You are an expert, an adviser, a confidant. You are building the relationship with the client, identify and address the needs of the potential client (lead). Not only that, but you handle objections and convince the lead to close the deal.

Remote closing is a highly specialized skill that requires a good understanding of the lead, the product, or service you are selling, and the sales process itself. This is a complex process and requires a specific skill that aims to create a deep connection with the lead.

It is not just about closing the deal, but also about providing value to the lead, and building trust and understanding customer needs. The goal is to help the lead make the right decision by understanding their struggles and challenges, and if your product or service can help them solve it.

''As a remote closer, you are more than just a salesman.''

You are an expert in your field, and you must have excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence to understand the customer and help meet their needs. You should be able to identify the right moment to make an offer. This requires you to be able to think on your feet and react in an empathetic and authentic way.

All in all, high ticket closing is a very lucrative and rewarding option for those who have the skills and mindset to do so. It requires hard work, dedication and perseverance, but with the right effort will lead to financial freedom!

Remote Closing

The Eagle Mindset

One of the most important elements to become a successful remote closer is the right mindset.

At the Closer Company, we believe in the EAGLE mindset.
An EAGLE is a powerful predator that flies high in the sky, viewing everything from a high perspective. In the context of sales, it means that as a salesperson you need to look at things from a higher level and have an overview of the bigger picture, instead of getting stuck in details.

An EAGLE mindset means staying focused on the goal, staying positive, and challenging yourself to keep getting better. It also means taking responsibility for your actions and results, and not letting negative thoughts or circumstances hold you back.

Having a positive and proactive attitude is essential in the sales process, because it radiates the right energy and can gain the trust of potential customers. You must be willing to invest in yourself and constantly improve your skills. In addition, you must have a hunger for success and be willing to take risks to achieve your goals. It is important to remember that success does not come naturally, but is the result of hard work, dedication and the right mindset. With the right attitude, you can become a successful remote closer and realize your dreams of financial freedom and luxury lifestyle.

Remote closing

How much does a remote closer make?

A remote closer earns an average of $4,000 to $100,000 per month. This depends on various factors, such as experience, skills, sector, and the conversion rate that a Closer manages to achieve.

It is critical to realize that the salary of a remote closer is highly dependent on performance. All the more reason to keep developing with a positive mindset and keep getting better.

Depending on the price of the product or service and the commission structure, you can earn between 10% – 20% or more commission per sale.

Imagine you sell a product that costs $10,000 and you get a 20% commission. That means you earn $2,000 per sale. Making just one sale per week will already earn you $8,000 per month. That is more than the average MONTHLY salary in the US!

An experienced remote closer can have a sales conversation with a potential customer and convince them in a short time to buy a product or service whose price falls in the more expensive segment. This is why remote closers are so valuable to companies looking to sell their products and services.

How can I become a remote closer?

If you aspire to become a remote closer and enjoy the benefits of financial freedom, luxury lifestyle and the ability to work from anywhere in the world, here are some steps you can take to reach your goal:

Become an expert in sales: remote closing is a highly specialized skill that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. You need to know how to identify customers, understand their needs, overcome their objections and convince them to buy from you.

1. Become an expert in sales

Remote closing is a highly specialized skill that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. You need to know how to identify customers, understand their needs, overcome their objections and convince them to buy from you.

2. Find a mentor

A mentor can help you develop the skills you need to become a successful remote closer. This is of course also possible by using 1-1 coaching or group coaching through a reliable training agency.

3. Get valuable knowledge and read, read, and read

There are many training and courses available specifically aimed at developing remote closing skills. By making a good choice in which training courses to follow, you can improve your skills and increase your knowledge. In addition, there are many books that contain valuable knowledge about sales.

4. Build your network

Networking is an important part of becoming a remote closer. By building relationships with people in the industry, you can create opportunities and expose yourself to new clients and opportunities. When you join a remote closing agency such as Closer Company, the agency will find clients and assignments for you.

5. Gain experience

Experience is essential if you want to become a remote closer. Start small and work on closing deals. As you gain experience, you can tackle bigger deals and eventually become an EAGLE in the world of remote closing.

In short, if you are serious about learning remote closing, then you must be willing to invest in yourself and your skills!

By learning from experts, following training courses, gaining knowledge through other channels such as books, and of course by gaining experience, you can position yourself as an expert in this field, and you too can make your dreams come true!

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