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"The Closer Company has helped me double my turnover. They are 100% committed to helping your company grow and come up with new and innovating ideas."
Angela Brink
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Why use High Ticket Closing?

With High Ticket Closing we connect one of our self-educated employees ('Closer') with your company.

The Closer will immerse himself in your company and in your service or product. And afterward, he will conduct the sales calls for you.

When the closer, closes the deal, he will get a commission.

No sale, no costs.

Is my company suitable?

We work with various companies from coaching companies to companies that sell products. A requirement we have is that you sell a product or service starting at $500. Or when a new customer is worth more than $500 in lifetime value.

How much commission do you take?

The commission we receive depends on your product or service. This is best discussed during a meeting.

How many deals do you close?

We have developed a technique that we trust to close 65-95% of all appointments (depending on the marketing strategy). We ensure that the person who comes to the appointment is a qualified lead and ensures that a steady stream of leads come in.

Do you have appointment setters and closer?

Certainly! We provide appointment setters and closers. We ensure that this runs smoothly so that you can fully focus on your business.

Why work with The Closer Company

65-95% Closingrate
Driven Closers
5+ Year Experience
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Why work with an agency?

Outsource your customer acquisition
We are on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible achieve true freedom. The freedom to travel, the freedom to determine your own working hours.

We are here to unburden you of achieving leads and sales. In addition, thanks to our proven techniques, we ensure that your company grows even further.
"TheCloserCompany Team has helped us close more deals and increase profit. Their approach is very professional and structured, which allowed us to fully concentrate on our core business."
Django de Vreng
Eagle mentality
The Eagle mentality in your team
After helping many students, we understand that besides clear and good theory, the mindset is even more important. Our method only produces closers with the Eagle mentality.
Extremely driven closers
High closing rate
A-Players in your team
Close partnership with The Closer Company
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